Town of Woodland Board Minutes
Date: October 6, 2022
7:00 PM

Board/Staff Present:

Randy Beale - Mayor
David Cooper – Commissioner
Ricky Morris - Commissioner
Brian Christison – Commissioner
Eddie Hoggard – Police Chief
Donielle McDermott – Town Clerk

Raymond Eaton and Commissioner Outland were both absent.

Call to Order: Mayor Beale called the meeting to order at 7pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited followed by a moment of silent reflection.

Approval of Agenda: The first item of business was the approval or amendment of the agenda. Commissioner Morris made a motion to approve the agenda as written. Commissioner Cooper seconded and the motion carried.

Approval of Minutes: The next item on the agenda was the approval or amendment of the minutes for the regular meeting dated September 8, 2022. Commissioner Christison made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Commissioner Morris seconded and the motion carried. The closed session meeting minutes from August 4, 2022 were never submitted.

Consideration of Bills: Commissioner Cooper made a motion to pay all the current bills and to also pay all the regular bills that come in throughout the month. Commissioner Christison seconded and the motion carried.

Public Comments: Laureen Flood was not yet present, and there were no other comments at this time.

Fire Department: Robbie Collier read the monthly report. He pointed out a correction, the total number of calls should have been 78, not 80.
• All three engines were recently pump tested and they all passed.
• The annual deer tournament fundraiser is coming up on November 12, 2022.
• No date for the open house has been scheduled yet.
• The old equipment truck was sold for $3,995.
• Commissioner Cooper asked if the fire department has many calls at the Woodland Olney Apartments. Mr. Collier said thankfully no, stating that the building has a lot of issues that have been brought to their attention, but have not been fixed. These issues were brought to Woodland Olney’s attention before they opened the apartments up, however, they did not fix the problems yet still opened. The fire department discussed at their last meeting getting the county involved since there are new people at the county level now. Mr. Collier said the school was condemned, then suddenly the county said the building was in compliance after the county inspected it and was good to open. Since they were the ones to inspect it, they are not worried about the fire hazards. Commissioner Morris asked if the Woodland Fire Department could issue a violation to the apartments. Mr. Collier said this would have to come from the county fire marshal, but they will not issue a violation since the building was bought by the county and inspected and approved by the county. Mr. Collier assured the board that the fire department has kept records of the letters sent to Woodland Olney Apartments throughout the past twenty years regarding the fire violations. Mayor Beale asked Mr. Collier for copies of these letters so he can make some calls.

Public Comments: Laureen Flood has spent $436.12 on merchandise for the trunk or treat so far and this merchandise is being stored here at town hall. One more need she has is bread, ice and water. Commissioner Christison asked Mrs. Flood to give the invoices to Mrs. McDermott for reimbursement.

Mrs. Flood said the lot behind her property still belongs to Dr. Stanley’s family. The landscaper use to keep this lot clean and cut back when Dr. Stanley was living. This lot currently needs to be cleared and cleaned up.

Mrs. Flood reminded the board that the trunk or treat will be October 31, 2022 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. and she requested the board to make an appearance.

Police Report:
• The main thing that happened this past month was a lawn mower was taken from someone’s shed.
• Chief just got back from a workshop he attended in Boone.
• Chief will be on vacation from October 13th through the 21st. Commissioner Christison asked if we will have back up or part time working. Chief Hoggard said he will reach out to get some backup.
• Commissioner Christison asked if the recently hired part time officer has started. Chief said no, he has not finished his qualifications yet.
• Chief Hoggard said he reached out to several police departments looking for extra help the night of trunk or treat but has not had any responses so far.

Clerk Report: Mrs. McDermott reported that the fuel budget was increased this budget year, however with the rise in gas prices, we have already exceeded where we should be this time of year. Also, the salary expenditures are a little higher than they should be at this time of the fiscal year. Commissioner Christison said if we continue to follow this trend, we will have overspent by $5,200 on the street and sanitation side and $11,000 on the water and sewer side by the end of the fiscal year. Commissioner Cooper said he agrees we need to watch the salaries, but this maintenance crew we have now has really been getting things fixed and jobs done. Robbie Collier asked the board for permission to be off from January through April during tax season to help his wife with her business. This will help some with salaries.
a. Mrs. McDermott asked to amend the budget for the ICAC Grant the police department received. This Internet Crimes Against Children grant is for $29,345. Commissioner Christison made a motion to approve the budget amendment to increase a new revenue line item, 10-351-12 in the amount of $29,345 and increase a new expenditure line item, 10-510-66 in the amount of $29,345. Commissioner Morris seconded and this motion carried.
b. The Blue Cross Blue Shield annual renewal is in the packet for review and approval. There is an 8.2% increase, however, even with this increase we should have enough in the budget to cover this increase. Commissioner Cooper made a motion to renew our health insurance with BCBS beginning in December of 2022. Commissioner Morris seconded and the motion carried.
c. Mrs. McDermott recommended the board have a planning meeting to discuss uses for the $250,000 state grant coming from the Office of State Budget Management. The scope of work has to be turned in to the state for approval before we can receive funds or start spending. The board decided to use the next month to think about ways we could spend the money and then we will meet at 6:00 pm on November 3, 2022 before our next board meeting to come up with a plan.
d. Commissioner Christison made a motion to appoint Ricky Morris as the town representative for the COG meetings when Mayor Randy Beale is unable to attend their bi-monthly meetings. Commissioner Morris seconded and the motion carried.

Mrs. McDermott reminded Commissioner Christison and Commissioner Cooper that they need to do the Ethics Course before the end of October.

Maintenance Report: Raymond Eaton was absent, but Robbie Collier filled in. Mr. Collier showed the board one of the cylinoids that was replaced only five years ago that is already corroded. He is asking permission to order 10 more to replace what we have. To help with the corrosion, the maintenance department will be encasing each one with silicone. The cost of each cylinoid is around $200 each. Commissioner Cooper suggested using part of the $250,000 grant money to purchase 12 new ones since this is considered capital improvement.

Commissioner Cooper said another upcoming bill for the town will be cleaning out the pit where the pumps are located. Commissioner Christison said this is also capital improvement so the grant money should cover this as well. Mayor Beale asked if the town needs to pay for these projects first and then will be reimbursed. Mrs. McDermott said she is not sure, but she does know that the scope of work must first be approved by the state.

The generator at the new well has not worked properly since it was installed. Mr. Collier said it was not programmed properly; it was in exercise mode the entire time. He read the manual and was able to fix it and the generator has been working since.

Robbie Collier reminded the board he will not be working from January through April.

Commissioner Morris asked Mr. Collier if there is any work for Barry Lane to do after grass cutting season is over. Mr. Collier said he believes there is enough to keep him on. There are several jobs that require three people to do, plus there are jobs such as ditching and keeping the sidewalks cleaned.

Commisisoner Christison said he thinks it is time for Kenny Godfrey to start classes. Mr. Collier will let Mr. Godfrey know the boards wishes.

The board discussed not using community service workers anymore. Mr. Collier said it is not worth having them work with the town. The maintenance guys have to stand over them and keep a steady eye on the workers therefore their work does not get done. The board agreed not to use them going forward.

Commissioner Christison suggested the town look for a used truck for the maintenance department. Again, we may be able to use the $250,000 grant money for this.

CDBG: The monthly report is included in the Minute Book.

Comments from the Mayor: No comments.

Comments from the Commissioners: Commissioner Cooper asked who the backup ORC is. Mrs. McDermott said it is Chris Wheeler.

Public Comments: No comments.

Adjourn: At 8:19 pm, Commissioner Christison made a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Cooper seconded and the motion carried.



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