Special Called Joint Meeting between
Woodland Town Board and Northampton County Commissioners
Board Minutes
Date: September 16, 2019
5:30 PM

Board/Staff Present:

Kenny Manuel – Mayor
David Cooper – Town Commissioner
Brian Christison – Town Commissioner
Barbara Outland – Town Commissioner
Pat Liverman – Town Commissioner
Donielle McDermott – Town Clerk
Eddie Hoggard – Officer
Charles Jackson – Northampton County Manager
Charles Tyner – Northampton County Board of Commissioners, Chairperson
Joyce Buffalo – Northampton County Board of Commissioners
Geneva Riddick-Faulkner - Northampton County Board of Commissioners
Nicole Boone – Northampton County Board of Commissioners
Kelvin Edwards – Northampton County Board of Commissioners
Scott McKellar – Northampton County Attorney

Northampton County Board of Commissioner Chairperson Charles Tyner spoke on behalf of the county board stating that economic development is important to the county. We must bring in some tax money. Some people don’t want to see our county change and grow, but if you don’t grow you become stagnant. The Northampton County Board is interested in small businesses and wants to give small businesses some start up money to help them. Mr. Tyner said the county has to have their financial records straight. They are only one audit behind and they are working hard on this. The county board would like to develop Gaston Lake. Developing Gaston Lake will bring tourism which will bring money to Northampton County.

Town of Woodland Commissioner Barbara Outland asked the county board if we could get help for a new fire department. She told them in how bad of shape the fire department is. Commissioner Tyner said Woodland needs to talk to our representatives in Washington D.C. There are grants out there. Representative Butterfield helped the fire department in Gaston receive a new building. Mayor Manuel said he will contact Representative Butterfield and let the county commissioners know if and when that meeting will take place.

Woodland Commissioner Pat Liverman asked the county commissioners if there was anything they can do for our water and sewer system. She also asked them to help us take care of the abandoned houses in our area. Commissioner Tyner said the Community Development Block Grant the town is applying for will help with our water and sewer system. As far as the abandoned houses, Commissioner Tyner said the county has so many projects that this is on their backburner. He recommended a gentleman who tears down houses for the material, a gentleman we have spoken to in the past. Commissioner Tyner said this is really a town issue, not a county issue.

Woodland Commissioner David Cooper told the county board that we lost our only doctor a few months ago, but we are working on getting a new doctor’s office in town. We would like to see a mom and pop type of store here. He asked the board what we can do to keep the money in Woodland. We need something here in town. Commissioner Tyner said there are 19,000 people in Northampton County. If all of these people shop here, we will have more money so we need to shop local. Commissioner Tyner also said we cannot develop the county with bad schools. We need to get people to love and respect our county.

Citizen Brenda Hewitt stated that lack of transportation is a big issue. People want to work but they can’t get there. The county commissioners said this is a great small business thought. They asked how many of us have had a conversation with CPTA and asked for a rider grant.

Citizen Patty Deneen said that reliable internet is also an issue in our county. Mayor Manuel replied that he has been working with the Upper Coastal Plain Council of Government on broadband meetings. Northampton County Manager Charles Jackson said he would like to be a part of these meetings.

Woodland Commissioner Brian Christison asked the county if we offer anything as far as trade schools. The county commissioners replied that our schools have vocational classes. Also, Roanoke Chowan Community College just received a grant to offer vocational classes at the old NCHS-E and Rich Square Dialysis Building.

With no further discussion, Northampton County Commissioner Chairperson Charles Tyner adjourned the meeting.


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