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Town of Woodland
P.O. Box 297
Woodland, NC 27897


Town of Woodland
123 E. Main Street
Woodland, NC 27897

Telephone: 252-587-7161


Overview: The Town of Woodland is soliciting a Request for Qualifications from qualified firms or a team to provide engineering consulting and design services. These RFQs will be maintained on file to be used on an as-needed basis. Projects are mainly at the request of the Town Board of Woodland or the Public Works Department. Each future project is separate and shall be negotiated. The scope of work will include but not limited to general engineering services, survey, structural, sewer, environmental and miscellaneous related services.

Point of Contact: Questions may be submitted in writing to Donielle McDermott, Town Clerk, via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to October 10, 2022 by 5:00 P.M.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises: Disadvantaged business enterprises are afforded full opportunity to submit qualifications and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration for award.

Qualification Submittals Due: Please submit one (1) hard copy marked “original” and five (5) copies for a total of six (6) complete sets of the Qualifications to the address below by 5:00 P.M., Monday, October 17, 2022. It is the responsibility of the proposer to ensure the qualifications submittal is received in the Town of Woodland office on or before the due date time.

Submit to:                 Town of Woodland               or in person at:                         Town of Woodland
                                    P.O. Box 297                                                                              123 East Main Street
                                   Woodland, NC 27897                                                                Woodland, NC 27897

Please Mark Envelopes: RFQ Engineering On-Call Services


      A.   General
     The Town of Woodland is located in northeastern North Carolina. It is a rural town with approximately 550 residents.

     B.   Background
    The Town of Woodland has used engineering services in the past. This RFQ is for a variety of services related to the Public Works Department for the Town.

    C.   Objectives
    The objective of this RFQ is to contact multiple individuals or firms to provide a variety of Engineering services on an as-needed basis. Each project is separate and shall        be negotiated with one or more of the selected firms, based on project specific proposals. Firms will be asked to provide a fee schedule based on current hourly wages as      a basis for future work on projects.

       The firm will provide consulting and professional services through its own forces or sub-consultants for general engineering services, survey, structural, environmental,                 project management, and miscellaneous related services. Consultant will furnish experienced, professional engineering personnel who shall function as if they were an                 extension of the Town staff, while nonetheless remaining exclusively the employees of the consultant, an independent contractor, or supply the necessary services to                     supplement the Town staff.

      Presented below is a list of potential activities that may be included as part of the On-Call Services listings. This list in not all-inclusive and shall be subject to changes when          additional Town needs are identified.
      Specific Activities:

1. Full Range of General Civil Engineering Services

CADD and GIS Support
Hydraulics and hydrology drainage design
Construction Management Services
Cost estimating
Economic and alternative analysis
Engineering evaluations
Environmental assessment
Floodplain and drainage assessments
Geotechnical investigations and material testing
Grant and loan application and oversight
Land surveying
Sewer collection system design
Sewer treatment design and process control
Stormwater design for construction and post-construction inspections, plan review, and final inspections

Full Range of General Civil Engineering Services (continued)
Street and/or pavement design
Utility coordination and design (water treatment and distribution)
Value engineering review and studies
Water system hydraulic modeling
GPS/GIS support and mapping

2. Miscellaneous

Graphic support
Clerical support
Public meetings
Contract administration
Public notices and advertisements
Consensus building with local jurisdictions and businesses

Please submit a list of specific activities which your firm is qualified to provide.

This section contains general requirements that will be necessary to provide the services required in the Town of Woodland.

      1.    Document Format Requirements and Document Control

          All documentation prepared by the firm shall be in written text to include, but not limited to, manuals, plans, correspondence, drawings, graphs, charts, illustrations,              etc. The deliverable media shall be standard 8.5 x 11-inch bound text documents, standard 24 x 36-inch drawings and half size 11 x 17-inch drawings. All                                  documentation shall be complete, accurate, legible, and subject to review and approval by the Town Board.

         All information and documentation prepared by the Consultant shall be owned by the Town for full Town use and shall be surrendered to the Town when requested in           either electronic and/or paper form, whichever is requested by the Town.

   2.    Selection Process and Evaluation Criteria

         The Woodland Town Board may select based on the qualification submittals received or may choose to “short-list” prospective firms for further negotiations. The                   selection process may involve two stages:
                  (1) Written submittals will be evaluated and scored
                  (2) Oral interviews with the highest-ranking firms, if requested, and consideration of proposed fee schedules.
         Firms ranked the highest will be short-listed for future projects. Elements that will be considered by the Town when scoring your submittal:
                  A.      Submittal Requirements
                 Submittal Due Date: October 17, 2022 by 5:00 P.M.
                 Firms are scored on their past experience for the type of work involved. Submittals should be formatted to correspond to the following information requirements.                   Clear and concise responses are appreciated.
                 B.      Selection Process
                          1. Firm Capabilities (30% of Total Score)
                              a. Qualifications and capabilities of firm
                              b. Experience in working with government agencies
                              c. Experience overseeing and coordinating multiple concurrent projects
                             d. Qualifications of individual team members
                         2. Prior Experience (35% of Total Score)
                             a. Experience of the staff and firm with projects requiring Civil Engineering and related services. Include resumes of staff that may be assigned to work on                                     projects as required.
                            b. Experience with projects for public clients including familiarity with governmental decision-making review process.
                            c. Provide References: Include the names and current telephone number of the owner’s project manager for every project listed, total dollar amount and a                                    brief summary of work performed.
                       3. Project Approach (25% of Total Score)

                          Describe how you normally plan to accomplish the following project control and management issues. You may give examples of previous or current projects.

                         a. Approach toward client communication and reporting.
                         b. Specific strategies for phased project.
                         c. Budget methodology/cost control/value engineering.
                         d. Quality Control Methodology
                             a. Ensure state and local procedures are followed.
                             b. Ensure construction documents are complete and well-coordinated.
                             c. Ensure construction quality
                         e. Schedule
                             a. Managed the required work to meet an expedited schedule.
                    4. Work Location (10% of Total Score)
                        a. Proximity of firm’s office
                        b. Firm’s familiarity with the project area and local construction market

             The following formatting shall be used for responding to this RFQ:
       Section 1 – Letter of Interest
       This letter (up to two single-sided pages in length) shall summarize the firm’s interest in this project. The letter shall summarize which types of projects the firm is                            submitting qualifications and shall be signed by a person with authority to enter contracts on the behalf of the firm.
       Section 2 – Introduction
       This section (up to two single-sided pages in length) will provide a general introduction to the firm and their qualifications.
       Section 3 – Qualifications
       This section will provide detail on specific qualifications of the firm and will provide examples of their work on similar projects (up to 15 single-sided pages).
       Section 4 – Project Staff
       This section will provide an organization chart and resumes of key individuals proposed to work on these project types (up to 10 single-sided pages).
       Section 5 – Firm’s Rate Sheet
       This section will consist of the firm’s hourly rate and expense mark-up.

       The Town of Woodland thanks you for submitting your Qualifications for Engineering On-Call Services.




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