Mayor's Report
October 5, 2017

Downtown Revitalization Grant: On September 21, 2017, the 28-page application was submitted to the North Carolina Department of Commerce, Rural Economic Development Division. We have received notification that we will be receiving the grant funds and the town was required to register with NC E-Procurement, in order to receive the funds.

Chief Ruppe and Mayor Manuel met with representatives from two companies that sell and install security camera systems: Mr. Lester Peele of NC Sound and Ms. Kaye Wyman of W2D2. We took the representatives around the downtown section of town to show them where we would like the various security to be placed. It was decided to go with W2D2, because we liked her presentation and her company has already installed camera systems in Conway and Ahoskie.

We felt comfortable using a company that is already doing business in this part of the state. Mayor Manuel met with Police Chief Billy Duke of Conway and looked at his system. Chief Duke is very pleased with the camera system installed by W2D2. The cost for the camera system will be approximately $20,000.

Additionally, the funds will be used to purchase and install new “Welcome to Woodland” signs, which will be placed at the four entrances of our town (State Hwy 258 and State Route 35). The costs for the signs plus installation will be approximately $3,500.

We will be obtaining a marquee sign from grant funds given by Health Matters, which is an affiliate of the Center for Disease Control. We are asking that some of the state grant funds be allowed to cover the costs for installation of this sign, which is approximately $2,000.

Playground Equipment and Recreation Funds

On September 9, 2017, approximately 20 volunteers gathered, along with our Public Works Employees, Perry Lee Collier and Jessica Griffey to assist in the installation of the playground equipment which the town received from the Board of Commissioners of Northampton County. Mr. Bill Ellis, who is from Kinston, NC, traveled to Woodland with his equipment, to assist us in erecting the apparatus. Mr. Ellis is a state certified playground equipment installer and was instrumental in helping us. His knowledge, and experience made the job much easier.

We are now waiting for the soft material (rubber chips and wood chips) to arrive. Upon arrival, Mr. Ellis will return, so that we can sink in the swing set and spread the soft material. We are hoping that the task will be completed before Saturday, October 14th, in time for Woodland Community Heritage Day!!

A great deal of thanks and gratitude goes out to everyone who came out and assisted in this venture, as well as Lauren Morris and Health Matters, which provided the concrete and soft surface ground covering; Roanoke Chowan Valley Health Initiative, which provided lunch; and Mr. Ellis, who donated a significant amount of his time and resources.

Mr. Ellis will charge $500 for his services. This expenditure was approved by the Town Board during September's Meeting and will come from the Recreation Fund.

Dr. Walter Parker: Dr. Parker (252-442-3169) has recently notified town officials that Huckabee Tree Service will coming to Woodland on Monday, October 9, 2017, to start removing the five, very large Pecan Trees in the Quaker Cemetery.

Mayor Manuel previously met with Mr. Anthony Huckabee (252-287-5894), the company's owner to discuss how he intended to take down the large trees, which all located in and around the small cemetery. Mr. Huckabee said he intends to use a crane to help them cut down and remove the trees.

Commissioner Pat Liverman has already contacted Ms. Hazel Hobbs, in order to obtain permission for the tree company to go onto her property, in order to get to the cemetery with their heavy duty equipment.

Woodland Community Heritage Day: Woodland Community Outreach, Inc. has scheduled the first ever Woodland Community Heritage Day for Saturday, October 14, 2017, from 11 am to 4 pm. The event will feature musical entertainment, craft vendors, food vendors, games, a petting zoo and a History Tent. The History Tent will display the rich history of the town in photographs. Local historians will also be on hand, to share the deep history of this beloved community that we all call home. This will be a perfect opportunity to show our Woodland Pride and share in the fun and festivities!! Woodland Community Outreach is seeking volunteers to assist on the date of the event.

Culture of Health Prize: Members of the community are considering submitting an application for a Culture of Health Prize, which is being provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funds a wide array of programs which are working to help build a national Culture of Health.

The Culture of Health Prize Award is given to communities in which diverse stakeholders from multiple sectors of the community (including employers, community advocates, health care and public health professionals, government officials, grant makers, policymakers, educators, and others) are working together effectively, with a shared vision, to help make the community a healthier place for all to live, learn, work and play.

In Woodland, we the Town of Board of Commissioners, Woodland Community Outreach, Inc., Woodland United Methodist Church, the Community of Friends (Quakers), Immanuel House of Prayer, Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, Health Matters, which is an affiliate of the Center for Disease Control, the Roanoke-Chowan Public Housing Authority, and the Northampton County Health Department. These agencies and others are all working together to help make the community of Woodland a healthier and better place to live, for everyone.

The application must be submitted by November 3, 2017, by 3:00 pm. The prize will be shared by all of the agencies involved and can be used in whatever way the various agencies wish to use the prize.




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