• Read the Latest Report

    Read the Town of Woodland Mayor’s Report from Mayor Kenneth Manuel
  • Board Meetings

    Town of Woodland board meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of Month
  • Limb and Bag Pickup

    Town of Woodland limb and bag pickup on every Monday
  • WIC Meeting

    Town of Woodland WIC meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Welcome to the Town of Woodland, NC

Welcome to the official web site of the Town of Woodland, North Carolina! Here you can find resources, important dates, town information, business and church listings, and more!

The Woodland Community Outreach, Inc.’s Beautification Committee has launched a fundraising initiative for the Town Centre Brick Memorial and is asking you to be part.

The effort seeks to recognize those who have made the Town of Woodland a great place to live. Be a part now and download the form below.